Wordpress design

Wordpress design

Wordpress is an open source program that anyone can use and modify for their own purposes. Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms to operate a blog on.

What the public sees of a blog is the "theme."  The theme is the colors and the fonts, the spacing and the overall look of a blog.

I create themes for blog. These themes can vary from a look that is very simple to a look that is hugely graphic driven. Regardless of what the "theme" of the blog looks like, I ensure that the site is set out simply and that the owner of the blog can manage the site themselves.

I don't create overly complicated sites that confuse the owners!

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Wordpress and Social Media Training

Wordpress and Social Media Training

Wordpress is an open source blogging program. It has many attractive features and is powering over 60 million websites worldwide. There are many reasons that Wordpress is so popular. Once users get used to it's format, they find it to be a very user friendly blogging medium. Professionals love it as it is written in such a way as to be very attractive to search engines.

I've been training average people to use Wordpress for quite some time. It's my experience that if you can use a word-processing program like Word, you can blog using Wordpress.

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The Author Platform

The Author Platform

The Author Platform is an essential part of any author’s promotional plan. It consists of a blog, several social media accounts as well as a handful of other items. I help authors understand how to set up and manage their platform and use each part to their advantage. I use plain English and not technospeak while I patiently answer every question.

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